Gifts They’ll Love To Receive This Valentine’s Day

Posted by Samantha Nice

Gifts They’ll Love To Receive This Valentine’s Day

Forget red roses, give the gift of better wellbeing with these feel-good favourites...


Bedtime Hero Pillow Mist

If you know they struggle to get a good night’s sleep, our bestselling Pillow Mist is bound to be well-received. Blended with our signature sleepy scent of 100% natural chamomile, ylang ylang and cedarwood, just a few spritz’ on their pillow is enough to help them feel more relaxed and drift off quicker. Trust us when we say this will most definitely go down well.


Love Is A Moment Of Calm

This trio of wellbeing boosters from our Scent To De-Stress collection will really show them they’re appreciated as it encourages them to put themselves first and truly enjoy a moment of peace. Curated to help them relax, this Real Luxury gift set welcomes our Intensive Skin Treatment Candle, Magnesium Body Butter and Bath Foam, all nicely wrapped so the hard work is done for you.


Perfect Night’s Sleep Overnight Facial Cream

Into their skincare? There’s no going wrong with our 5-star rated Overnight Facial Cream which gets to work whilst they sleep. Packed with hyaluronic acid, ceramides, cica and magnesium, it helps to restore skin and give a welcome radiance boost upon waking. We even have a mini trial size for £12 if you’re perhaps looking for a smaller gift.


The Ultimate Gift Of Love

If you’re looking for a grander gesture, gift them our original Wellbeing Pod which lets them boost their wellbeing and scent their home at the touch of a button. We’ve even handpicked two of our Essential Oils Blends to go with it so they can get the full NEOM experience. There’s our Bedtime Hero scent and our Sensuous blend of ylang ylang and rich frankincense.


Super Shower Power Body Cleanser

A firm favourite from our Scent To Boost Your Energy collection, this invigorating Body Cleanser will help them to kickstart their day by reviving their skin, body and mind. Not only will they love the refreshing scent of natural spearmint, rosemary and eucalyptus, but their skin is also left feeling soft, hydrated and nourished.


Real Luxury Scented Candle

Another fail-safe option this Valentine’s, is our much-loved Real Luxury scented candle which is sure to light up anyone’s day. Expertly blended with de-stressing essential oils such as Brazilian rosewood, lavender and jasmine, it’s an ideal gift for creating a moment of calm. If they’re always on the go and deserve a little time out, go for this. Choose from a 1 wick or 3 wick.


A Great Day For Love

Our Great Day scent does exactly as you’d expect and sets them up for a positive and productive day thanks to the mood-boosting scent of wild mint and mandarin. This edit features our Body Scrub which is finally back by popular demand and our Hand and Body Wash and Lotion duo. If you want to send a pick-me-up, let this be it.


Scents Of Love

Whether they’re long-standing NEOM fans or perhaps yet to see what all the fuss is about, this line-up sees our portable Pod Mini alongside four Essential Oil Blends which each help to create a different mood and scent their day from morning to night. This is the gift they didn’t know they needed and will definitely be received with open arms…


Perfect Night’s Sleep Bath Foam

Another favourite for helping them to sleep is this calming Bath Foam. Also infused with dreamy essential oils such as lavender, basil and jasmine, it is the ultimate go-to for helping them to relax and unwind. Whether they’re already a bath lover or perhaps not quite sold on the benefits, they’ll soon be running one every night after using this.